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The company itself can be considered as a large laboratory in continual development. The history of Farmer confirms it: the international successes and achievements result from this entrepreneurial model dominated by real engineering, whose mission is represented in constant action aimed at transforming a new idea into added value for its client’s business. The modern R&D equipment and the highly specialised personnel that make up the Farmer Laboratory make it one of the most advanced in the sector, able to guarantee excellent results not only in the continuous development of new products but also in support of the clientele. The research activity of Farmer takes advantage of the most up-to-date technology in experimentation to verify with maximum precision how the products respond in their diverse applications. The results of Farmer’s research enrich a wealth of knowledge that is indispensable in developing new projects in collaboration with its clients.

A unique database.

All the results of the laboratory tests are stored in a database that is always available on-line for the necessary guarantee of quality as well as for the development of new products and solutions. The wealth of this knowledge therefore is a precious font of information and data available to Farmer but also a very useful tool for the clientele that can make the best use of their products which are continually controlled by Farmer.

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