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We have been and we are pioneers in the IT field in the livestock sector and now we are leaders in IT services. Through the years we have been developing programmes for controlling the reproductive and productive parameters as well as more complex and sophisticated programmes for management control and traceability.
This would never have been possible if Farmer had not had an internal department for the development of specific software platforms for the swine and bovine sectors.
IT engineers, analysts, programmers and specialized technicians for each breed work as a team to improve existing technology and to develop new ones.
FYLING net is the resulting software that like a thread crosses and unites all the productive and financial phases of a livestock company: dairy cattle, beef cattle and swine.

Today our programmes manage 800,000 pigs and 30,000 dairy cattle, 50,000 beef cattle. Our clients are always assisted on-line and on site as we believe that in a market with strong competition, speed, punctuality and precision of the data at their disposal give corporate management the correct vision and interpretation of the company itself, enabling them to operate at their best.
Furthermore Farmer organises individual and group training courses for learning how to use the software programmes.

MingMobile App

The app for pig breeding farms

MingMobile is an application dedicated exclusively to the Italian market.

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