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There is a new way of doing business, which cares for wellbeing of animals, people and environment. And wellbeing of companies, including Yours, too.

This is the reason why Farmer is proud to be the first company to achieve the B Corp certification in its sector, deciding to combine successful business with sustainable and ethical goals and behaviours; involving its collaborators and inspiring customers and suppliers, aware of the need and urgency of acting in a concrete way to guarantee an healthy planet and a peaceful life to all its inhabitants.

  • Our Mission

    Through the years the company has been fully committed to reaching goals of making products with "zero defects", reaching the maximum technological level of service for the clientele, quality and safety of the product, as well as full satisfaction of our clients and final consumers.

    All this has allowed Farmer to be placed among the most important Italian producers in the sector of pre-mixes, additives and complementary animal feed.

Making your work better is our vocation,
an anchor at the centre of our story.
As you are, too.

A leader that communicates with the leaders.

The superiority in quality and in the services of Farmer that are recognised by the market allows them to interact with their own clientele in a privileged way. In this way, Farmer can count on a relationship of consolidated partnership with animal food industries, breeders, professional independent consultants and universities.
This allows Farmer to work along with qualified partners who represent the absolute excellence in their field. Constant investment in research and prestigious international collaboration has led Farmer to gain and develop experience which is unique in range and diversification and which allows them to experiment, fine tune and produce highly innovative solutions and products.
Along with the supply of their own products, Farmer provides its clients with an efficient and unequalled customer service, offering complete and direct consultation on each specific application.

Continuous cycle automated plants.

Automation in Farmer is functional in guaranteeing consistent quality of the finished product. There is a sophisticated monitoring system applied to all automated production systems, continually showing all the data on all batches in the production phases. The data obtained allows one to keep the process constantly under control with a dual advantage in terms of planning production and quality control.

Global integration

The market, this we know. The ability to work in different markets.

Farmer works at an international level with the ability to interact in very diverse scenarios in the market and can offer precise answers to the many technical-applicative requests.
The range of products and relative uses is extraordinarily large and stretches from liquid and powdered vitamins to specific products for different animal species and for the different phases of the biological cycle. Farmer products are bought directly by large groups by means of business to business contacts, or sold by specialised distributors.


A great added value of Farmer SpA

Talking about quality

The company itself can be considered as a large laboratory in continual development.
The history of Farmer confirms it: the international successes and achievements result from this entrepreneurial model dominated by real engineering, whose mission is represented in constant action aimed at transforming a new idea into added value for its client’s business.
The modern R&D equipment and the highly specialised personnel that make up the Farmer Laboratory make it one of the most advanced in the sector, able to guarantee excellent results not only in the continuous development of new products but also in support of the clientele.
The research activity of Farmer takes advantage of the most up-to-date technology in experimentation to verify with maximum precision how the products respond in their diverse applications.
The results of Farmer’s research enrich a wealth of knowledge that is indispensable in developing new projects in collaboration with its clients.

A unique database.

All the results of the laboratory tests are stored in a database that is always available on-line for the necessary guarantee of quality as well as for the development of new products and solutions.
The wealth of this knowledge therefore is a precious font of information and data available to Farmer but also a very useful tool for the clientele that can make the best use of their products which are continually controlled by Farmer.

Innovate to grow

Software and hardware, programmes for the future

We have been and we are pioneers in the IT field in the livestock sector and now we are leaders in IT services.
Through the years we have been developing programmes for controlling the reproductive and productive parameters as well as more complex and sophisticated programmes for management control and traceability.
This would never have been possible if Farmer had not had an internal department for the development of specific software platforms for the swine and bovine sectors.
IT engineers, analysts, programmers and specialized technicians for each breed work as a team to improve existing technology and to develop new ones.
FYLING net is the resulting software that like a thread crosses and unites all the productive and financial phases of a livestock company: dairy cattle, beef cattle and swine.
Today our programmes manage 800,000 pigs and 30,000 dairy cattle, 50,000 beef cattle. Our clients are always assisted on-line and on site as we believe that in a market with strong competition, speed, punctuality and precision of the data at their disposal give corporate management the correct vision and interpretation of the company itself, enabling them to operate at their best.
Furthermore Farmer organises individual and group training courses for learning how to use the software programmes.

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Certain, or rather, certified

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008

Subject of the certification: "Company traceability of animal feed from the purchase of raw materials to the processing and sale of the package product".

This certification, obtained according to the ISO 22005:2008 norm, guarantees:

  • complete traceability of all raw material used
  • quality controls of the raw material and processes carried out during manufacturing of the products

This system allows:

  • identifying and thereby avoiding the consignment of "non-conforming products".
  • tracing at any time the history of each individual piece of raw material used in the production of each batch consigned.

The batch traceability is possible by means of a barcode placed on all incoming raw materials, on semi-processed products and on the final products. Thanks to this code it is even possible to go back years to raw material that was used, to its supplier, to checks carried out and to which plant it was produced in.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Subject of the certification: "Research, development and production of products for animal feeding. Trading and sale under own and producers. Trademark of products for animal feeding".

The standard ISO 9001:2015 specifies the requirements of a quality management system, through:

  • direct involvement of top management
  • drafting of a quality policy integrated with feed security and sustainable development
  • planning and monitoring of quality objectives
  • operational activities supported by documented procedures
  • process approach
  • monitoring through inspections carried out by Farmer spa internal auditors
  • third-party audits carried out by the Certiquality auditors
  • continuous improvement

The quality management system has as its main objective the satisfaction of customer requirements and mandatory requirements, aims to increase customer confidence and satisfaction.


Subject of the certification: Production of feed premixture.
Trading of: feed premixture, technological additives (binders, anticaking agents and coagulants), nutritional additives (vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect; amminoacids, their salts and analogues), zootechnical additives (digestibility enhancers), enzymes.

This certification, FAMI-QS, aims to:

  • identify, analyze, evaluate and manage potential risks to feed quality and safety
  • identify and manage any critical control points in the production process
  • implement an HACCP manual and a quality control plan
  • set goals for continuous improvement
  • implement the "feed fraud prevention and defense" system
  • implement a complete traceability system in all stages of production

The Fami-QS scheme is based on the quality and feed safety management system, orienting itself towards the management of processes and products, the cornerstone of which is full compliance with mandatory legislation.